One of the newest trends in cars is vehicle wrap. This simple process applies a textured vinyl wrap to the exterior of any vehicle. As the wraps can be endlessly customized, there’s no end to the looks a car can have. A 3m textured vinyl wrap is available in forms such as a black textured vinyl wrap, which will add appeal to any vehicle. 

But what is a textured vinyl wrap? How is it applied? What are some of the various textures you’ll find? What are the benefits of this popular trend? Here’s an overview. 

Textured Vinyl Wraps

A textured vinyl wrap is a simple item for such a transformative addition to a car. The film is printable and available in everything from custom designs to solid colors. A textured vinyl wrap is a great way to get the benefits of the new look on a car without the cost and time of a new paint job. A quality wrap, such as the many 3M textured vinyl wraps, will improve your car’s look.

While many wraps are flat to the touch, textured vinyl wraps add a bit of extra tactile appeal. These wraps also add visual appeal as the textures add a unique look to a car. These wraps are a unique way to make your car stand out from the rest by bringing a bit of physical and visual appeal to your vehicle.

What are the Various Textures?

Textured vinyl wraps come in three primary textures, all of which have their uses. Here’s a list of the various and why you should consider each:

  • Like a black textured vinyl wrap, gloss vinyl wrap adds a sleek, smooth look that feels just as silky to the fingers. These wraps are ideal for solid colors and work well when refurbishing company cars
  • Matte vinyl wraps lack the shine of a gloss but offer a drier, less attention-grabbing look that’s far cheaper than an equivalent paint job
  • Satin wraps sit in between the two textures with a semi-reflective look that will draw the eye without being too flashy

These three looks will improve your vehicle’s appearance quickly and relatively cheaply. Consider each for the specific look and feel you seek for your cars.

How is a Textured Vinyl Wrap Applied?

Applying a textured vinyl wrap to a car is a relatively simple process to the point where an amateur could perform the task themselves, though a professional should handle the job for the best work. They will ensure all details are accurate before applying the wrap, including:

  • Help you decide what you want the vinyl to look like, including the color, texture, and style
  • Take precise measurements of the car to the exact make and model for accuracy 
  • They ensure the vinyl is printed and laminated with a special coating to ensure the wrap won’t scratch the car’s body and work with UV protection to prevent fading
  • They always make sure the car’s paintwork is thoroughly cleaned in advance, including cleaning with water and a particular solvent, then dried

Once completing these steps, a professional will remove the vinyl’s backing to apply it to the vehicle. A special fluid is applied to the now-exposed adhesive. The wrap is aligned and pressed into place with a rubber-edged plastic blade used to smooth the bubbles. 

Textured vinyl wraps come in two notable sizes. For a full wrap, every bit of the paint job is covered. A partial wrap will only cover specific panels, such as a door or the bonnet, leaving the rest of the car exposed. 

Paint Protection Film

Related but not quite identical is paint protection film. This transparent film goes over the car’s paint job to keep it looking sharp. This prevents such issues as light scratches, rock chips, and bug splatters. This film is safe to apply to a car’s front end, lasts five to ten years, and removes easily. If you value your car’s existing paint job, this film is a must.

What are the Benefits of Textured Vinyl Wraps?

Textured vinyl wraps are a great way to make your vehicles sharp. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Vehicle wraps are a great way to advertise your company using a distinct design that will pop on your car when combined with the chosen texture. This advertising is highly mobile with a direct local focus and won’t be missed by anyone who sees it 
  • Wraps give vehicles in a fleet a uniform look no matter what make and model of car as the distinct colors, like a black textured vinyl wrap, will dominate the eye 
  • Textured vehicle wraps are easy to switch and replace, perfect for purposes from changing ads to simply wanting a new look for your car
  • Vinyl car wraps allow for more distinctive, complicated designs that might not be possible with a paint job
  • Textured vinyl wraps boast a cost of nearly half that of a standard paint job, performing a vital task with equal efficiency

These are just a few reasons textured vinyl wraps will enhance a car’s look. The benefits truly are as diverse as the wraps themselves.

Textured vinyl wraps are a simple, fast way to refresh your car’s look, whether with a solid color or an intricate design. With such a broad range of looks, the sky truly is the limit on their use. 

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