From Big To Small, We’ll Wrap It All! 


smart car vehicle wrap


Over 70,000 Vehicles Completed Nationwide makes us the most experienced vehicle wrap company by a huge margin

Friendly Pricing to fit any budget

The Best Materials* means only BRAND NAME vinyl to insure your car wrap lasts well beyond the average life span of three to five years

Print & Install Warranties** because we take care of our customers

We’re the Washington DC area’s wrap experts. If your wrap isn’t designed or installed VERY well by our certified wrap installers, you will lose leads and years off of the life of your wrap.

We Are Nationwide! Coast to coast vehicle wrapping service means no matter where you are, RoadRunner Wraps is still the only option for effective & long lasting vehicle wrapping.

RoadRunner has over 20 years of experience making vinyl business wraps for trucks, cars, boats, and SUVs. You name it, and we wrap it. Our graphics are eye-catching enough to stand out in traffic, giving a professional look to your company truck. Wraps are one of the most innovative advertising investments you can make, second only to choosing RoadRunner to actually make the wrap! 

We’ve got the know-how, and in this guide, we’ll explain more about truck and trailer wraps, how they can help you, and why coming to RoadRunner is the best advertising decision you could ever make.

What is a Truck Wrap? 

Vinyl vehicle wraps and business wraps for trucks are made in a three-step process, more efficient than paint jobs and more flexible, too. It begins with graphic design, which can be your own design or created by our expert team based on your specifications. The final say is always yours because it’s your business, your wraps. For trucks, large or small, we’ve always got the right design to make the most of your mobile billboard. 

The next step is that we digitally print the vinyl wrap, followed by installation. This takes about eight hours to complete, and we have done it more than 70,000 times, so don’t worry, you’re in good hands. You can bring your truck to our service locations, or we can come to you. If you’re further out, we still have you covered—literally! We’ll ship out our wraps nationwide to be installed at any appropriate service location.

Why Use Truck Wraps?

Mobile billboard advertising is the best way to generate thousands of impressions daily at no further effort beyond the investment cost. Studies show that mobile advertising in this manner has a higher recall rate and effectively reaches more viewers than static billboards, up to 2.5 times as many. 

Combined with your business branding, truck wraps are extremely cost-effective, long-lasting, and more adaptable than paint jobs. We can do partial wraps, full wraps, and if you need to change or remove it completely, we can safely do so with no damage to your truck. 

With our custom truck wraps, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. For our truck wraps, the prices can be flexible. The results are guaranteed to be worth your precious advertising budget and our 70,000+ track record speaks for itself.

Why You Should Choose RoadRunner

RoadRunner is simply the best in the business, with wraps for trucks designed to get the most bang for your buck. We wouldn’t trust our vehicles to anyone else, and neither should you. Our service is the best in the DC and surrounding areas. We have people all over the country shipping and installing our wraps, and our results are unrivaled. 

Advertising dollars are a risky investment, because if it’s not generating leads, it’s wasted money. Commercials and local publications can cost a fortune to middling effect. Mobile advertising through truck wraps generates impressions and leads passively every single time you drive your company vehicle. 

If you want to see how your business can benefit from truck wraps, reach out and see why RoadRunner leaves all the competition behind.