Ambulance Wraps

Ambulance Wraps Are More Than Just Branding

Any vehicle used in the medical business must be easily identifiable, whether it be for carrying patients, delivering supplies, or saving lives in an emergency. In the medical transportation industry, high visibility is not just a marketing strategy; it’s a matter of life and death. Improving your company’s reputation and the comfort of your passengers is possible with ambulance wraps through ambulance wrap designs when it comes to your fleet of patient care vehicles and medical transport vehicles.

The Many Benefits of Ambulance Wraps

Why should you bother with an ambulance wrap if it’s already going to be seen by the public? There is a long list of advantages to using ambulance vehicle graphics, and Roadrunner Wraps can ensure you have high-quality ambulance wrap designs for your vehicles. An ambulance wrap has many benefits.

Customer Engagement

Compared to traditional media like television, radio, and newspapers, the return on investment (ROI) for outdoor advertising is roughly four times higher.

Increased Impressions

Wrapping only one ambulance can increase exposure by thousands each day.

Design Flexibility

Vehicle graphics that are wrapped in vinyl are simple to apply and remove.

Lead Retention

Marketing on vehicles increases customers’ chances of remembering you by more than 90 percent, while traditional billboards only increase customer recollection by under 20 percent.

When making your graphics for emergency vehicles, you’ll want as many options as possible to get the appearance right.

RoadRunner’s ambulance wrap designs can bring your goals to life. Our high-resolution vinyl decals allow us to produce a smooth, glossy appearance that makes them look brand new. Wraps designed for ambulances can take a beating and still look great after years of service. That’s because our decals are made to last with high-quality vinyl.

Get A Partial Or Full Wrap

We consider your needs and, depending on those needs, construct partial or full wraps for your ambulance vehicle graphics. We can also produce different unique decals and designs along with or instead of a partial or full wrap. When installing your graphic designs on your vehicle, our team provides nothing but their best work.

Let Our Professionals Do The Heavy Lifting

Let our experts and illustrators create your design or provide us with your preferred vision. Whatever you choose, we’ll craft the perfect ambulance wrap for you. We’ll use your specified color scheme, whichever logos you require, arrange them where you prefer, and use your wording to create a noticeable effect – never miss a chance to market your ambulance on the go.

Don’t Forget Your CAAS GVS V3.0 Regulations

You can make your own graphics for use on emergency vehicles. You’ve already decided what you need. That idea will come to life once we cover it in the finest vinyl. But ensure to include CAAS certification stamps and required signs.

The CAAS GVS tag needs to be displayed somewhere apparent within the ambulance. It is mandatory to permanently affix a label indicating the required gasoline type to the fuel filling cap. You must attach a sign or tag to the FSAM that reads “CAAS GVS” to prove that it has been certified by the ambulance and is open to public observation.

Truly Unique Ambulance Wraps

At Roadrunner Wraps, we take the time to tailor each design to meet your specific requirements. Our ambulance wrap service ensures your design is one-of-a-kind; you won’t see a comparable design anywhere else. Get nationwide service with us today. Contact us for a quote.