Police Vehicle Wraps and Advertising

Advertising on police vehicles means more than just loading up local business listings. Your department is a place of honor, integrity, and courage; you want your vehicles to represent that. The first thing most people see when they see the police are the cruisers, and just like with every other mobile advertising platform on wheels—wrapped by RoadRunner—you want your vehicle to stand out and make a statement. 

Working with RoadRunner Wraps, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve helped design and install police car wraps on hundreds of vehicles. Over 20 years, RoadRunner has serviced more than 70,000 vehicles with the best vinyl wraps to be found anywhere in the country. We’ve also worked with hospitals and fire services to integrate the most important elements. You can design your own emergency vehicle graphics or work with our experts to create a design that captures all your department’s glory. 

RoadRunner Wraps has the most experience and the highest standards of any vinyl vehicle wrap business you’ll find anywhere. We’ve installed tens of thousands of designs on: 

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Boats
  • Suvs
  • Ambulances
  • Police Cars

We’ve expertly crafted all our wraps to achieve maximum recognition.

Why are Vehicle Wraps Beneficial? 

Why are police car graphics necessary, and how do vinyl wraps help? Wraps are more cost-effective than paint jobs. They’re more durable, look better, and last longer without weathering as much as paint does. They’re cheaper in the long run, especially if you need to update your police car wrap design. Perhaps you want to honor a fallen or retired police officer. We can uninstall a previous wrap and replace it with an updated design or even do a partial wrap to present the updated information easily.

When designing your own emergency vehicle and police car wraps, you have complete control over the messaging and the design elements. You have full control over colors, graphics choices, decals, and lettering. Take on the bold and professional appearance befitting your city’s finest. 

What Should You Look for? 

When you design your own emergency vehicle graphics, think about your department’s needs. Do you have any particular locations, logos, or slogans unique to your department? Include them! Otherwise, you should consider the colors and the designs that will lend your police cars the impact they need on the road. 

Professional Pride for Our People in Blue

RoadRunner Wraps is proud to serve police and emergency services everywhere. The brave men and women putting on uniforms and keeping others safe deserve the best, and that’s where we come in. We’re happy to help you design your own emergency vehicle graphics honoring your city, specific officers, or anything in between. All of our wraps are professionally installed once the design process is complete. These wraps can then be installed at any of our service locations. Installation takes about 8 hours, and we can always remove the wrap without harming your cruisers. 

If you want to get started transforming your police fleet into a professional, powerful statement of your commitment to protect and serve, please reach out today. It’s our turn to serve you with honor and dedication!