Fire Truck Wrap

You Need Fire Truck Wraps To Be NFPA-Compliant

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)1901 mandates that all fire engines have identifying markings under Section 4.21; these markings are a crucial safety component that also offers fire departments unique chances for differentiation and personalization. These demarcations can come in the form of a fire truck wrap.

They’re Beneficial Because They Serve Two Purposes

The graphics on fire trucks serve dual purposes, allowing departments to express their identity while still complying with NFPA standards for vehicle visibility.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has established guidelines for the graphics on fire truck vehicle wraps and reflective striping to increase their visibility and the safety of firefighters.

Necessary Regulations For Your Fire Truck Wrap

If your fire department chooses the fire truck vehicle graphics, you must remember several factors. Safety regulations from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) that are worth considering include:

  • All outriggers on aerial equipment must be equipped with reflectors
  • There must be reflective stripes at least four inches in height covering at least 25% of the front of the machinery
  • You must cover half the length of the cab and body with at least 4-inch-tall reflective stripes

The Most Common Fire Truck Wrap Options

Fire departments can use two types of materials for their fire truck vehicle wraps: decorative and reflective. To choose the most appropriate graphics for new fire gear, fire departments must consider each material’s specific characteristics.

Decorative Graphics

Decorative graphics are logos, lettering, and other artwork that don’t have reflective stripes. Fire departments can choose from five different types of decorative materials.

Many fire agencies prefer sign gold, a gold-colored graphic choice, to gold leaf and the printed golf leaf look. Machines create Sign Gold in sheets manually cut using a printer to create the desired shape and size. Signs for fire engines are often made from vinyl since it is durable and does not reflect light.

Many fire departments have a long tradition of using gold leaf lettering on their fire gear that dates back decades. We achieve this effect through specific printing software. The color scheme and pattern are meant to evoke the effect of a burled gold leaf. The printed design is then transferred to the reflective ScotchliteTM substance.

Scotchlite is an NFPA-compliant reflective material that provides high visibility and long service life. The visibility of printed graphics on ScotchliteTM material varies widely. This is an affordable substitute for actual gold leaf lettering.

Reflective Graphics

The National Fire Protection Association specifies that fire departments can only use one of three reflective colors on the back of their fire truck vehicle wraps. However, the department is free to use whichever reflective color it likes on the vehicle’s sides and front.

Because of its high reflectivity and flatness, you can use 3M Scotchlite in various applications. For this reason, we can slice and apply 3M Scotchlite directly to a surface without needing edge sealing. ORALITEĀ® is an instantaneously usable, flat, reflective material that does not need edge sealing.

3MTM Diamond GradeTM is the most reflective option compared to other reflective materials. Its honeycomb-like structure makes it more substantial than similar reflective materials. Therefore, it is essential to seal the margins while applying.

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