Interior Wall Wraps

You cannot beat interior wall wraps if you need to decorate your living room, bedroom, or man cave with a unique design. They provide a crisp, professional look with almost half the requirements and none of the headaches of traditional paint.

What are Interior Wall Wraps?

Have you ever entered a room and wondered how someone installed a specific graphic or design on the walls? Those are interior wall wraps. Interior wall wraps add a creative flair to a living room, home bar, private game room, or children’s bedroom and can come in various materials, including vinyl, fabric, and canvas. They are usually hand-picked by you and designed to fit perfectly with the unique theme of a room.

Will an Interior Wall Wrap Fit in my Chosen Room?

Are you using curved walls for interior wrapping? Not a problem at all. You can shape and change interior wall wraps to fit in any room. If textured walls or other materials that might hinder the use of interior wall wraps are a concern, we encourage you to contact a professional. They can inspect the wrapping area and measure the angles to ensure you receive the highest quality product possible.

The Benefits of Interior Wraps

What makes Interior wall wraps the superior option to room decoration? Immediately, they are long-lasting, creative, replaceable alternatives to expensive paints.


A vinyl wrap for your interior walls is more resistant to wear and tear since the adhesive keeps the design fixed to the wall. Unlike paint, interior wall wraps last longer. Paint will chip, fade, and need constant touch-ups to maintain its luster and brilliance, whereas interior wall wraps stay on and remain jaw-dropping for decades.

Unlimited Creativity

Several factors can limit you when you use a painter to decorate your walls or choose to do it yourself, including skill, tools, and space. It can be even more detrimental if the room you want to decorate is curved, angled, or shaped uniquely. Interior wall wraps eliminate angular problems and can provide endless creativity and shapes that are impossible to capture with painting alone.

Easily Replaceable

In the event your interior wall wraps are damaged, they can be easily replaced, unlike paint. When installed by a professional, interior wall wraps can be removed and replaced quicker than paint which often requires an entirely new paint job.

Furthermore, unlike painting, you can change your wall wrap if you do not like the current one. Something that seems good at the moment may not always sit well with you, and being able to replace it easily can save you an unsightly design and time.

More Affordable than Painting

Wall wraps are easily installed and replaced at a fraction of the cost. If you need to touch up, replace, or redo your painted room, that will cost more than installing a wall wrap. You would also need to find a painter who can recapture the same design and work efficiently, which can take some time.

Professional Excellence For Twenty Years

At Roadrunner Wraps, we install crisp, clean, professional interior wall wraps for any room. If you want to add a creative flair to your next decorating project, we can help you design, measure, and install a great vinyl, fabric, or canvas wall wrap to enhance any room!