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Virginia Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Commercial vehicle wraps in Virginia are more than a colorful novelty. They are mobile advertisements and conversation starters. They’re like “uniforms” for fleet vehicles representing your company’s values and style. And their ability to promote your company 24/7 is unmatched. But what makes them so unique?

Mobile Advertising

If you are a landscaping company, for example, getting a vinyl wrap in Virginia Beach advertises your service far beyond the city limits. It will promote your business in Alexandria, Fairfax, Fredericksburg and anywhere else you drive it. And with a fleet of wraps in Northern Virginia, your business will be seen as the go-to landscaping company in the area. The bolder the colors and graphics are, the more your vehicle — and business —will stand out, though, in rush hour traffic, it’s going to be seen no matter what.

One-Time Cost

Commercial vehicle wraps in Virginia are a one-time purchase. With traditional radio, TV, and print ads, your company’s messages are fleeting, assuming anyone sees or hears them in the first place. Vinyl wraps, on the other hand, are a lasting way to promote your business 24 hours a day, every day. There are no contracts to sign for ongoing promotion: You are driving the promotion. At RoadRunner Wraps, the look is envisioned by you, designed by our graphic artists, and installed by our experienced team. It is entirely your creation, and we pride ourselves on bringing it to life!


Nowadays, advertisements come at us from even more angles —  social media, streaming platforms, email, and websites. It’s exhausting to have your work or private time interrupted by bombastic, intrusive messages day in and day out.

Vinyl wraps in Virginia Beach are not intrusive. They are part of the moving landscape. They are mobile and compact. And they work 24 hours a day.

Depending on your design and color scheme, they can be easy to spot when you’re looking for them, or remain more discreet and let the subliminal advertising do its job.

24-Hour Recognition

Most people work during the day, usually in offices or sequestered in a building somewhere. With vinyl wraps, Virginia Beach residents and cities throughout Northern Virginia see your brand at all hours of the day. Even in the dead of night, a parked van or truck will display that incredible vinyl wrap you imagined and put your product, service, or brand in the mind of whoever sees it. It works doubly well if you provide a 24-hour service, such as electrical or plumbing repairs or towing.
With 20 years in the business, more than 70,000 vehicles wrapped, and experienced staff ready to help you promote your business, RoadRunner Wraps is just a phone call or email away. For more information, visit RoadRunner Wraps and check out our Instagram.