Have you ever wondered how some restaurants have stunning wallpaper that helps them stand out against their competitors? Interior wall wraps for restaurants are growing in popularity, especially as more establishments sprout from seemingly nowhere, providing counter-service and quick eats.

If you are a new or established restaurant, you want to continue reading and learn how interior wall wraps for your restaurants can transform your business.

What are Wall Wraps?

Wall wraps is a catch-all term for printed vinyl decals, murals, and other graphics that you can install against walls, windows, and building exteriors. They can promote a business through branding, signage, decals, and more.

For your restaurant, a wall wrap can be simple, like signage at the door sharing your hours of operation, or something more extravagant, like entire menu items blown up and displayed across the walls, counter, or ceiling.

Are Wall Wraps Effective?

Wall wraps for restaurants are incredibly effective in several ways. Firstly, wall wraps for restaurants can blow up every item on the menu if you want, allowing customers to visualize what they will be ordering without taking excessive time to contemplate the menu.

Wall wraps for restaurants specializing in “shared” cuisine (think Italian restaurants) are even more effective because they show the variations of your dish to what a customer might expect. For example, your restaurant’s marinara sauce might come with thick chunks of tomato, whereas another restaurant will have a smoother texture or vice versa.

Are Wall Wraps Permanent?

Wall wraps for restaurants are temporary. It makes having interior wall wraps for your restaurant perfect when you need to change things up for the holidays, style, or time of year. Installing wall wraps in restaurants uses a special adhesive that is easy for a professional company to remove and replace if damaged.

But the most important aspect of wall wraps for restaurants is advertising through visual stimulation or promotion. Having unique interior wall wraps for your restaurant allows you to display popular dishes and promote new plates without explaining why the meal is so desirable.

How can Wall Wraps Benefit Your Restaurant?

Interior wall wraps for restaurants help owners in several unique ways. The most common is by providing visual stimulation, brand promotion, and clarity. Additionally, an owner can save financial costs on printing menus since interior wall wraps for restaurants can be supersized menus permanently plastered across the border.

Visual Stimulation

Imagine walking into a restaurant, and the walls are a monotone color all the way around without a single thing adding character to the building. No matter how excellent the food is, lacking wall wraps for restaurants is akin to eating in an empty box. People enjoy visual stimulation while dining. They want to feel the restaurant’s atmosphere as they enter, and wall wraps for restaurants accomplish that better than anything else.

When you enter a restaurant, the interior wall wraps for that restaurant help stimulate your senses as you sit down, order, and wait. Customers love wall wraps for restaurants because it gives them something to look at and associate with the restaurant.

Also, customers love a good story with their meals. You could have interior wall wraps for a restaurant’s history leading from the front door to the tables, showing the history of the restaurant and the food within it.

Brand Promotion

Alongside restaurant window graphics, wall wraps for restaurants help associate the brand with a concept, color, or motion. Sometimes it can be a plaque or menu along the interior, helping add character to an otherwise forgettable brand. Remember, not all wall wraps for restaurants need an expansive mural from wall to wall.

When you enter one of their establishments, the signage and decals all fit the same theme and promote the brand in the minds of the consumer. For example, you are opening a family restaurant, somewhere a family can enjoy relaxing times and good food. You need interior wall wraps for your restaurant that matches that style. It helps brand promotion by ensuring customers have a visual to relate to your restaurant. Think of substantial chain restaurants like Chick-Fil-A or Wendy’s. Without even seeing a visual representation, you already know what their brand is and its look.

For your restaurant, you want the same effect. If you acquire unique interior wall wraps for your restaurants, you can avoid falling into obscurity or having patrons forget it exists altogether.

Alleviates Confusion

Whenever you open a restaurant, you make the food your unique way. It gives your restaurant style, class, and character wholly to you. However, if you sell commercially prevalent food, such as pasta, pizza, burritos, etc., you may have a unique style that conflicts with what consumers think is the correct way to make those items.

With wall wraps for your restaurants, you can proudly display what makes your cuisine unique and alleviate confusion about what might be in it. For example, you could have an item on your menu called “super burrito” with the ingredients listed. However, a visual representation of that item can alleviate unanswered questions and entice customers to buy more when they see it blown up and tasty.

Save On Menu Costs

Any restaurant owner knows how expensive menu costs can become, especially one that allows counter-ordering. A stack of paper menus, even laminated, costs money and is sometimes unnecessary when you have a massive traffic flow of customers.

It is where wall wraps for your restaurants come in handy. Through clever wall wraps and decals, you can plaster your menus right next to the counter or above, eliminating the need for many hand printed menus. You will still need some, but you can replace the excessive amount of wasted paper and laminate with sleek, crisp, perfectly legible vinyl.

What About Restaurant Window Graphics?

Outside the restaurant, window graphics can be a fantastic addition to an already-established eatery. If you do not need interior wall wraps for your restaurants, you should invest in some restaurant window graphics. They can help you in several ways!

Effective Signage

Restaurant window graphics are usually small, elaborate displays, though they can sometimes be large. Most restaurant window graphics are signage or decals showing business hours, a motto, or a company name. It can be excellent in providing necessary information without having to answer the same questions over and over constantly.

24-Hour Advertising

Even when the restaurant is not operating, having large restaurant window graphics that show the deliciousness of your dishes can serve as free advertising at all hours of the day. Even if someone sees the restaurant window graphics in the middle of the night, your brand will sit in their mind and inspire them to hunger.

Entice Customers

Beyond twenty-four-hour advertising, having restaurant window graphics representing your brand and food can entice customers to the door. Customers will enter your establishment if they see something they like with your restaurant window graphics.

If your business suffers from an excessive customer flow during prime hours, having restaurant window graphics can display popular dishes, meals, and specials to speed up customer orders. It can make ordering easy since the image helps customers decide what they want before reaching the counter. While someone waits to order, they could be thinking about all the enticing food they saw on your restaurant windows or along the walls when they entered.

What Kinds of Restaurants Use Wall Wraps and Graphics?

Two major types of restaurants use wall wraps frequently to significant effect. However, other restaurants can emulate and adopt this style for their purposes. If you have questions, contact a professional company with over twenty years of experience installing, removing, and creating interior wall wraps for restaurants.

All restaurants can benefit from window graphics. Restaurant window graphics are mandatory for every successful restaurant. Restaurant window graphics help excite customers before they walk through the door and contain important information for the customers.


Takeout is the most typical restaurant to use wall wraps. It is because most takeout restaurants operate in smaller areas with compact spaces and need to maximize every inch of the establishment to push their brand and promote their services.

You can apply wall wraps for takeout restaurants to the walls, counters, and headboard behind the counter. Visual stimulation and presentation can help consumers figure out what they want. 


Counter-ordering is a style of dining where you enter an establishment, go to the counter, order, and eat. It differs from dining restaurants where you sit, give someone your order, and wait. Counter-ordering is prevalent in major cities and benefits considerably from interior wall wraps. While waiting in line, colorful graphics, pictures of food, and the history of the establishment can keep customers entertained.

If a customer is bombarded with pictures of delicious dishes while they wait for their order, they are more likely to place another order, leading to higher profits.

Where Can You Find Professional Wall Wrappers?

Roadrunner Wraps has remained the premier supplier of interior wall wraps for restaurants nationwide. Since 1988 we have worked tirelessly to help improve business revenue through restaurant window graphics, interior wall wraps, and more.

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