Have you ever wondered how some businesses install and display that impressive signage and wall-to-wall mural? Are you thinking about improving your business with interior or exterior wall wraps? We have the answers for you here and are ready to answer all your questions about wall wraps.

Wall Wraps

A wall wrap is a specialized covering around the interior or exterior of a restaurant, storefront, office, or window. A wall wrap can be as intricate as a massive billboard-like banner, with several different graphics and slogans, or as simple as a brand decal across the door with your business logo and hours of operation.

There are two common types of wall wraps: painted and printed.

Printed vs. Painted

Both painted and printed are good options for getting a wall wrap. However, we recommend getting printed exterior and interior wall wraps rather than painted for several reasons.

Firstly, painted interiors may not be an option. Depending on your business type, a painted wall wrap will look visually beautiful but stand out too much against most furniture and need a constant touch-up. A vinyl wrap for interior walls can often handle abrasive surfaces and last longer than painted interiors.

Second, painted interior walls are prone to chipping, fading, and smearing. While vinyl wrap for your interior walls also can chip, fade, or break, it is far less likely to do so if you use a reputable company known for its high-quality installation and warranties.

Finally, a vinyl wrap for your interior walls is easier to remove, replace, and repair than painted wall wraps. It is because most vinyl wall wraps for your interior walls, and you can remove exterior windows easily without damaging the paint or glass due to the adhesive used. Paint requires an arduous amount of time and effort to remove.

The Importance of Wall Wraps

Exterior and interior wall wraps help define you as a business. Without them, your business and storefront lose a unique aspect of itself that makes it one of a kind. While it is optional to invest in an interior wall wrap, not doing so, painted or printed, can lead to a boring, uninteresting, and unprofitable business.

Consumers want to shop somewhere that stimulates them. You could serve the best food, sell the best clothes, and perform any service, but if nothing stimulates or excites a customer, they will replace you with something more vibrant and attractive.

It becomes imperative if you are operating in a crowded market. Buildings and storefronts that don’t stand out from the crowd become part of the landscape, the backdrop. You deserve to be the main attraction!

Different Kinds of Wall Wraps

There are several types of wall wraps, but the two most common are exterior, and interior wall wraps. A vinyl wall wrap is for interior walls inside the building, and you can use an exterior wall wrap outside the building. Each can serve a different purpose for your business, so consider which one can benefit you the most.

Below are some common examples of an exterior and interior wall wrap.


An exterior wall wrap can be anything from a large mural to humble logos and decals. An exterior wall wrap can be used significantly, depending on what it’s needed. The most common exterior wall wrap variants are the following:


An exterior wall wrap decal can be anything from a logo to your business card plastered in a prominent spot. Decals are smaller than murals, although people use the word interchangeably. They are simplistic and classy and can add character to your storefront without overpowering the entire building exterior.

An example of a suitable decal would be a bubble pattern across the storefront windows. This pattern can be colorful and grab a customer’s attention while providing large holes in the bubbles for the customer to look inside the building and see your good and services. As a result, it works great for retail stores, as an exciting outer wall wrap will catch customers’ eyes and pique their interest.


Murals are similar to decals in that they are large, expansive, and often singular vinyl represents something. They can tell a story, represent company values, and much more. Plus, the sheer effort and care put into creating it make murals one of the most eye-catching wall wraps available.

An example of a mural would be a large, weaving canvas across the building facing the highest point of street traffic. The mural can contain something unique to your brand; if it encounters a place with high traffic, more people will see it and find interest in your brand.


Signage is the most common outer wall wrap available. We define signage as anything representing your name, business hours, or contact information. You’ll find signage most commonly on the front door of businesses, so customers can get the information they need if the storefront is closed.

An example of effective signage is, as mentioned, the name of the business, the hours of operation, and some promotional material. It works great for medical offices and legal aid since it suits the no-nonsense mantra of these professions. When applied to the windows, it can appear sleek and classy without being too much for customers to read.


Interior wall wraps often need clarification with wallpaper. That is because interior wall wraps tend to be clean, crisp, and effective at what they do. You can plaster interior wall wraps across the walls of an establishment, against the counter, and even the ceiling. The most common interior wall wraps are the following:


Interior wall wraps can effectively display your establishment’s branding throughout the store. By putting your mottos and products along the walls and counters, you ensure your clients can experience them.

When you walk into a shoe store, have you ever wondered why they plaster their walls with images of the newest brands? It’s because interior wall wraps allowed them to blow up and represent their brand and products.


Businesses can use Interior wall wraps for wallpaper. Sometimes the interior of a store cannot be painted just right or effectively represent the “style” they’re attempting. Interior wall wraps ensure that every wall is covered in sleek, classy vinyl that effectively satisfies the look and style you want your customers to associate with your brand.

A unique example of wallpaper is a fast food restaurant chain called “Togos” on the west coast. They envelop their walls in amazing interior wall wraps representing their company story, the food they sell, and its history. It gives customers, especially those with children, something to pass the time as they wait to approach the counter.


Following the interior wall wraps example above, a restaurant can help customers see the items the restaurant is selling while helping increase sales through impulse purchases. Interior wall wraps for your restaurant can provide a visual menu for the customers and help speed up the customer ordering process.

The most prominent example is small businesses, where customers come to the counter and order before sitting down. Having your menu and popular dishes across the wall or counter can help customers decide what they want while waiting. Plus, they won’t ask you, “what comes in X” when the customer can see it on the interior wall wraps for your restaurant.

What Are the Benefits of Interior Wall Wraps?

There are several benefits to installing interior wall wraps for your restaurant, office, storefront, or building.

Excellent Branding

As mentioned, interior wall wraps help customers recognize your brand and associate specific motifs, colors, and designs with your products. It helps customers remember who you are and what you provide when they see something related to your branding.

Visual Stimulation

When customers enter a store, having interior wall wraps that stimulate their senses keeps them engaged with your products and services. Imagine a customer walking into a showroom and seeing empty panel walls and bland fixtures.

Interior wall wraps solve this issue by giving customers something their eyes can enjoy. Even if it is only in their periphery, having colors and shapes and movement helps people feel like they are somewhere special.

A fair warning, however. Too much visual stimulation can be a detriment. Make sure you consult a professional to ensure you’re capitalizing on your strengths.

Customer Engagement

An Interior wall wrap can help with customer engagement by involving the customer in the story and business of your brand. For example, a beautiful interior mural can help tell a story to your customers, letting them see the journey you took to get where you are.

For others, interior wall wraps in a restaurant can help them make an informed decision on what they want to eat without overwhelming them with unknown ingredients or how the restaurant presents the dish. It can be a big issue for restaurants specializing in localized cuisine.

Regardless, customers love to feel involved in the places they visit. Interior wall wraps make that happen through visual flair.

What Are the Benefits of Exterior Wall Wraps?

Now that we’ve discussed interior wall wraps, let’s step outside–literally! An exterior wall wrap has many unique benefits, including the following:

Wall Wraps Are Effective 24-Hour Advertising

When you close the shop and leave the building, even a prestigious law or medical office, your exterior wall wrap will serve as twenty-four-hour advertising. Anyone, from the midnight rider to the early bird, can see your exterior wall wrap and know what services you provide. Even if you are not open, the visual stimulation of your outer wall wrap inspires interest and curiosity.

It works great in areas with high traffic, such as crosswalks. People will be bored waiting and looking around to see your exterior wall wrap.

Wall Wraps Are Conversation Starters

A bombastic, unique, vibrant exterior wall wrap will make people talk. If your building stands out, people will take note and tell others what they saw. It functions as free advertising and self-promotion.

Helps You Stand Out

If you operate your business in an unflattering spot or surrounded by the same four building types made of brick, mortar, and a big brown door, you will want something that stands out. You aren’t just part of the building when you have an exterior wall wrap. You become an attraction, a feature, and it will help your customers remember who you are by your branding and color.

So, Should You Get Interior and Exterior Wall Wraps?

Yes, absolutely! An interior wall wrap spices up an otherwise dull storefront and excites customers who want to see something new in an already saturated and wildly unique marketplace. You should get an interior and exterior wall wrap if you are in the following industries.


Exterior signage is a luxury for legal offices. You can have the firm’s name across the front of the door, your hours of operation, and what cases you handle without clogging up your phones or explaining it to every client seeking your aid. And for interior wall wraps, you could have an incredible mural of all the partners and associates.


Similarly to a legal office, people loathe experiencing visits to a medical office. Using an interior wall wrap to improve the experience, especially for children, can ensure consistent client visits and an exceptional rapport.

Retail and Service

One of the biggest industries to benefit from wall wraps, retail needs visual stimulation to keep things exciting. If you can’t plaster the next hot trend across your wall or change the storefront for seasonal flair, you can quickly fall behind the competition.

Similarly, service industries with exterior decals and interior wall wrap mark a higher customer acquisition and longevity because of unique wall wraps for their offices. It makes people feel welcome in otherwise esoteric or strange service industries, helping build a rapport with clients and establishing colors, shapes, and motifs to be associated with your company.

Who Can Install Interior and Exterior Wall Wraps?

While many companies can install vinyl wall wraps, one is the pinnacle of exterior and interior wall wraps. At Roadrunner Wraps, we painstakingly ensure that your interior wall wraps are the cleanest, crispest, and most vibrant display possible. We serve nationwide to bring you the highest quality wraps available today. Contact us with any questions.

We have you covered if you need interior wall wraps for your restaurant, office, or storefront.