Veteran business owners and entrepreneurs realize the importance of their brand identity (the visual representation of their organization) when launching a new venture. They’re also aware that a company can only establish a solid brand and identity through the purposeful application of strategy rather than the random application of branding. That’s why you’ll see so many businesses rebranding.

Inexperienced business owners often fail to realize the importance of branding fully. The name and logo of a company are only the beginning of a company’s brand identification, but some business owners and entrepreneurs think that’s the case. The company name and logo are essential in representing the brand to the general public.

However, there is much more to a successful brand than just the name and design. Your company’s brand is the sum of its customers and potential customers’ impressions of the company.

To effectively market your business, your brand needs to convey what and how your firm operates. Customers and potential buyers will have more faith and confidence in your business if your brand is well-known and respected. It’s common to discover that your brand identity is working against your efforts to expand your firm if you needed to put more thought into it when you first started. You and your company are not alone if this is happening to you.

When deciding whether or not to invest in or lend money to a business, potential backers will examine the company’s business plan (especially if the company is young) and visual marketing assets. This is to determine whether or not the company recognizes the significance of robust graphic design and branding.

Let’s Talk Rebranding

Rebranding is a method of marketing in which a company changes its name, symbol, logo, and other visual assets to create a new corporate image. Rebranding attempts to change the public’s perception of a company by introducing a new and distinct brand to customers, investors, prospects, competitors, and staff.

A rebrand could include the following:

  • A new logo
  • A new slogan
  • A van wrap (you can even design your own emergency vehicle graphics)
  • New copy on your website
  • Even a custom wall mural in your city

For example, custom wall murals in Maryland are effective when rebranding.

When Rebranding is Necessary

As businesses develop, they sometimes need to update their branding to remain competitive. There are numerous causes for this:

  • You may have become tired of your company’s logo, and its design no longer effectively represents your core principles and product offerings
  • You may be branching out into new markets and extending your company’s offerings, but the name you’ve been using isn’t flexible enough
  • Or you may have concluded that your brand needs to be more effective in setting you apart from the competition

In reality, many businesses, including some of the most successful ones, change their name periodically. Dunkin’ Donuts, Weight Watchers, Uber, Unilever, and many other corporations have rebranded. As seen with Uber, a rebrand may do wonders for a company trying to bring itself up to date, set itself apart from its competitors, or shake off a negative reputation.

Let’s dive deeper into brand identification and rebranding concepts to find out what you need to know to create a rebranding strategy that effectively uses wraps to relaunch your company in 2023.

Brand Identity

People often use the term “brand” as shorthand for “brand identity.” Brand identity is distinct from the actual brand of a business.

Your brand identity refers to the outward manifestations of a brand, such as its logo, tagline, and visual aesthetic. A company’s brand is its public image and the way it stands out in the minds of consumers; what you, your clients, and your audience can see.

When A Company Might Consider Rebranding

There are fees and hazards associated with rebranding. While it’s optional to completely rebuild your brand when rebranding (you can keep your company’s name), you need to make substantial adjustments to establish a new brand identity.

Carefully consider if a rebrand is the best move for you and if now is the time to make the change. A successful rebranding strategy may breathe new life into an organization, but it must align with the larger business and marketing goals.

Civil organizations like the police and firefighters may sometimes need to rebrand. If this is your niche, you will have to design your own emergency vehicle graphics.

7 Reasons Why a Wrap Can Be the Cornerstone of Rebranding

Wrapping a vehicle in advertising is a great way to spread the word about your business. Taking your brand on the road can help locals recognize it and associate it with the values of your target demographic. It’s more probable that customers will buy from a familiar brand than one that has yet to take the time to get to know them.

Surrounding a vehicle in advertising material increases the number of times a potential customer sees your brand’s name or logo. Covering your work car or truck will help spread the word about your firm. A van wrap design cost is pretty cheap and effective.

Wraps Make Your Business Stand Out And Easier To Find

A window decal serves two purposes: it advertises your business’s physical location and introduces potential customers to your brand. Even though most stores have a fascia sign over the door, you may be thinking about what kind of window graphics will help customers find your store.

You can even try murals. Some businesses use custom murals in Maryland and other cities too. A custom mural design like the ones in Maryland is a great way to gain attention on social media, especially if it is interactive and beautiful. Your business can even trend on social media.

When directing customers to your storefront, there are two ways window graphics stand out from the crowd. One is that visitors strolling directly in front of your building, whether on the sidewalk or across the parking lot, may need help to see a sign affixed to your door. People passing your building on the street can be drawn in by well-placed signage at eye level. Putting graphics in your store’s windows is an excellent approach to attracting new customers.

You can more easily tailor a window graphic to your specific needs than standard fascia signage, yet another reason why it is an excellent choice for drawing customers’ attention to your company’s location. A window graphic can incorporate much more text and graphics to express what you do and why someone should either enter the building right then and there or come back at a later time to take advantage of your products or services than a sign above the door can.

The same rule holds if your company is not for profit. Using a window image can convey a lot about your beliefs and the services you provide. This is a beneficial perk of window graphics if your storefront is on a busy street.

Wraps Can Be Used As Directional Signage

Custom window graphics can double as directional signage, an often overlooked but valuable function. Customers base their first impressions of your company on the appearance of your storefront. Your goal is to give them the idea that you value their time and are constantly looking for ways to make their lives easier.

Customers may first approach the wrong door if there are multiple doors on the storefront, but only one is used as an entrance. Use a window image to direct customers in the right direction so that their first interaction with your company isn’t one of frustration or shame when they try to enter through this door.

For instance, a graphic with an arrow and some text reading “Entry this way” or “Please use another entrance” could be shown on the locked door to direct customers and visitors. If your brand’s aesthetic allows for it, you can even have some fun with the design of this wayfinding signage. Amuse your clientele by saying things like, “You located our secret entrance!” This one won’t be opening any time soon.

Businesses can use Window graphics to clearly identify the several entrances to a building that are accessible via a series of interconnected doors. If you’re a store owner, indicate which departments each of these doors will lead. You could also point an entry face (north, south, east, or west) that leads toward the right direction.

Customers can more easily find their cars after leaving the store if you show images labeling the entrances in the windows. This time, the focus should be on making things easy for people to do business with you.

They Promote Privacy For Your Staff

So far, we’ve mainly discussed how window graphics may attract and inform passersby from outside your building. However, window graphics also have some significant benefits for your building’s inside. One advantage of window graphics is that they increase the level of seclusion for those working and shopping within the facility. If you run an EMT or another emergency service, privacy for your clientele and staff is super important. Design your emergency vehicle graphics to promote a sense of privacy for your team and customers.

Employees in an office building may appreciate windows that let in natural light but block the view of anyone walking by. Crystal films, otherwise known as frosted window graphics, are an excellent quick fix for this issue. They let in a lot of natural light without sacrificing seclusion. One other perfect choice is perforated films, which restrict the view from the outside while allowing complete visibility on the inside.

They Promote Privacy For Your Customers

Staff members aren’t the only ones who could benefit from some personal space. Blocking the outside world from sight may also be appreciated by customers, depending on the nature of the business. Some scenarios in which a consumer would prefer some solitude are as follows:

  • Intense gym workouts
  • Spending time in a library and reading books
  • They were either having coffee and people-watching or using their laptops in the cafe
  • Having fun at a watering hole with friends
  • Recreational swimming in a heated hotel pool
  • Going to a spa and getting a massage

Covering windows with graphics can assist in creating a more intimate and less exposed atmosphere. This is especially true if your business caters to a clientele that values such things. Opaque window graphics are preferable to crystal film or perforated film if you believe clients would appreciate having their vision obscured from the inside and outside.

Emphasizes Sales And Advertising 

Have you ever seen a store’s sale while passing by? Custom wall murals in Maryland grab potential buyers’ attention all the time. If you’re like the general public, this undoubtedly prompted you to visit the store.

It’s well-known by now that a company can thrive with the help of sales and limited-time offers. This is why they remain an integral part of the advertising plans of virtually every store. Discounts can bring in new and returning customers for a specific product or the entire store. Further studies have shown that customers are more likely to make a larger purchase when they are motivated by a sale.

You need to advertise your sale if you want customers to come in. A deal can be announced in several different ways, both in print and online. However, it would be best if you didn’t forget to promote the offer where it counts—in your store. You want people passing your store to know there is an urgent need to stop in. A proper mural can have the desired effect of moving some of these consumers to enter the store at that second.

Advertising in store windows effectively attracts customers’ attention to ongoing deals and specials because the displays are typically temporary and can be seen by passing customers. To get people’s attention, use lots of colors and bold lettering. Red has always been linked to commerce; as such, it serves as a powerful attention-getter. Smaller print or an invitation to come inside can inform them of additional sale information.

Pique interest

Window graphics that partially or entirely block the view into your business may pique the interest of passersby. If you design a window graphic that catches people’s eyes and piques their curiosity, they may stop in to find out more. What gives them the gall to do that? One option is that they could do an internet search on you. However, they could enter your home.

After all, it’s not like committing to visit a storefront would cost you anything. Customers can get an instantaneous feel for your business and decide then and there whether to get a table, place an order, shop around, schedule an appointment, or do anything else you might want them to do.

Custom window graphics can pique curiosity if they are both aesthetically pleasing and use minimal text. Provide them with just enough detail to pique their interest. Use a clear and direct invitation to encourage them to visit your establishment for further information. You could encourage people to inquire with a staff member about a current sale. Or, if your goal is to pique curiosity in what you offer, you might invite them inside for a closer look.

Make a good impression with custom window graphics by making them look attractive.

For various kinds of businesses, here are some possible calls to action to include:

  • Welcome to our denim shop, where you can try on the best jeans you’ve ever owned
  • The Furnishings Shop Promising No-Money-Down Financing
  • A phrase commonly heard at restaurants: “Come in and see what you’ve been missing”
  • Fast food joint: “Come in and witness for yourself why we were voted finest burger in town”

Using a van wrap design is cost-effective and an equally efficient way to gain interest. A van wrap design will cost much less than other advertising methods compared to the eyeballs they can give your business, especially in a busy area. The average van wrap design cost is anywhere from $3000 to $5000, which is a high cost; however, one single wrapped van can bring daily impressions between 30,000 and 80,000! This is an easy, low-cost way to grab people’s attention in the crowded advertising space.

Rebranding Adds Art To Your Settings

Window graphics for businesses is more than simply a place to put ads; they can also be art pieces. With some clever window graphics on the exterior of your building, your business can become the talk of the town and a welcome diversion for passersby on their daily journey.

If your company is in an industry where appearances matter, like interior design or the beauty industry, artistic displays will be beneficial in attracting customers. For instance, if you own a hair salon, a large, eye-catching photo of a model with a particularly fantastic hairstyle can attract more customers than a simple sign with your business’s name.

Imagine a giant window image showcasing a photo of a lush, green rainforest combined with text explaining that your company pays a set amount of sales to reforestation efforts. Such a detailed picture will attract more attention and give your block a better vibe.

Having artwork displayed in the workplace benefits the business and its employees. You can apply sticky-back vinyl decals to both inside and outside glass which is a convenient way to provide everyone in and out of your business access to the same creative displays. Window graphics can also be applied to the interior and exterior windows of your building.

Get Your Rebranding Done By Road Runner

Your brand’s identity rests on how you present it to the world. One of the well-known cheat codes for effective branding is graphic design. Designing advertisement mediums like your vinyl wraps or wall murals help to differentiate your brand from the competition.

Wraps not only help promote your brand, but they also give your customers and employees a sense of privacy when you strategically use window wraps. Let Road Runner help you boost your brand. We specialize in custom wall murals in Maryland, fleet vehicle wraps, vinyl window wraps, and more.