Like any marketing tool, vinyl commercial vehicle wraps have evolved over the years. With decades of research and development and advancements in production methods, Road Runner Wraps has stayed at the forefront of this effective, aggressive marketing platform with custom car wraps in Maryland. We produce and install fleet vehicle wraps, construction truck wraps, and private car wraps. Maryland is our home, although we serve the Virginia and DC areas, and we proudly ship our products nationwide to serve every company needing vinyl wrap solutions. 

The article below will discuss the history of commercial vinyl vehicle wraps, how they have changed over time to the technique that Road Runner employs today and some ways in which they can help your business. 

Why Vehicle Wraps?

If you are wondering how vinyl vehicle wraps can help you or why they are worth the investment, consider that some studies show the cost-effectiveness of mobile marketing to eclipse all other forms of advertising except online. These are essentially graphic designs printed into mobile billboards for your vehicle. The numbers are hard to argue with—mobile advertising platforms are more than double the effectiveness of static billboards. With tens of thousands of impressions made daily by these mobile advertising tools, your company could benefit from smartly-designed wraps.

Though the typical picture is a fleet of vehicle wraps, these can benefit individual companies and small businesses with only a single vehicle as well. Even if it’s just your personal vehicle, advertising your business in an eye-catching and effective way is essentially free advertising wherever you go. A trip to the grocery store turns into an opportunity to interest new customers and even generate leads with a high-quality vehicle wrap in Waldorf MD. 

In the modern business world, customer attention spans are shorter than ever, while things like brand awareness and identity are even more important. People don’t just choose brands. They invest in them. They tie up elements of their identity in them. You have probably seen this yourself, as customers swear by a particular brand if only for the image it cultivates. How many thousands of drink ads have convinced customers that life is so much better with a specific product in hand? 

You must make an impression fast if you want to compete with the myriad of other demands on a customer’s time and attention. Custom designs that evoke instant feelings in a viewer are the best way to do this. Consider that even something like construction truck wraps turn your trucks, which most people are used to avoiding or passing as soon as possible, into a giant snapshot of your brand. 

Road Runner Wraps designs use professional quality graphics and durable vinyl film made to last on your vehicle for years to come. Even when road conditions, weather, and the usual wear and tear take their toll, Road Runner can repair or replace your vehicle wrap in Waldorf MD.

A History of Vinyl Wrap Advertising

Commercial vehicle vinyl wraps grow out of the wrap advertising industry. The first bus wrap was produced in New Zealand, complete with one-way see-through graphics, allowing passengers to see out of the windows. The vinyl wrapping turned the entire bus into a mobile billboard. Before this, vinyl lettering had long been used in conjunction with standard paint jobs. A German manufacturer is credited with taking that process and applying it to the entire vehicle in 1993. Later that year, Pepsi was credited with the first digitally printed vinyl wrap, which became the primary form of vinyl wrap production.

Of course, there were challenges to overcome, but engineers refined the process to eliminate air bubbles and other difficulties. The same processes allow us to design your wraps so that even if they cover the windows, passengers on the inside can still see out of the windows. Contra Vision, a British company, held the first patent for this technology. You’ll see this style frequently with buses and other large fleet vehicle wraps styles. The entire bus can serve as a mobile billboard while allowing passengers to view their surroundings. 

Interestingly, the evolution of vehicle wraps goes further back still. Cosmetic vinyl treatments were advertised (and released) in the 1950s, although the process still suffered many drawbacks that modern wrap technology has ironed out. 

Before that, train companies were the pioneers in painting vehicles and using them for mobile advertising. While trains are more of a blunt force approach, keeping everyone stopped by them looking at the names and logos on their rail cars, the same principle applies to smaller vehicles. Given the cost-effectiveness of the advertising method, as we discussed earlier, it’s no surprise that designers sought to shrink down the concept and put it to use in cities full of traffic—and full of advertising impressions waiting to happen. 

Road Runner Wraps it Up

When it comes to car wraps, Maryland has no better solution than Road Runner Wraps. We have the best designers and over two decades of experience. We’ve serviced over seventy thousand vehicles in that time, so we know a thing or two about wrapping vehicles. Plus, we do more than just cars. We do boat wraps, construction truck wraps, fleet vehicle wraps, and more. We do it all. For any vehicle wrap in Waldorf, MD, and all the rest of beautiful Maryland, Road Runner has the experience and the ability to bring your designs to life.

We are happy to give you a free quote, and we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Were you thinking of a custom job? We may be able to help! Do you want to get your small business started with low-cost, effective advertising? Let us make your brand pop in the eyes of every other driver with whom you’ll share the road.