Vehicle wraps are low-cost, high-return investments for your business advertising. They’re known to generate well over double the impression of a static billboard, with a staggering recall rate. Road Runner Wraps has been doing these kinds of vinyl wraps for over 20 years for various vehicles: 

  • Tow Truck Wraps
  • Commercial Truck Wraps
  • Fleet Vehicle Wraps
  • Boats
  • Vans
  • Buses
  • and More

We even do trailer graphics wraps. Our designers are skilled at bringing your designs to life by printing and installing them flawlessly every time. 

Choosing the best wrap colors can be challenging regarding tow truck wraps. While Road Runner cannot pick your colors for you, this article will serve as a guide to help you pick out the right colors for the message you want to convey. Give us a call, and we’ll give you a quote. We are always happy to answer questions and give you our professional opinion!

Tow Truck Lettering

Truck and trailer graphics wraps include more than just colors. You want to make a bold statement with your lettering. It must be readable but have enough impact to reach drivers who may not spend more than a moment looking at your truck. These are a great option when you are trying to keep the truck wrap cost low. Vinyl lettering is the lowest-level investment, perfect for those trailers or fleet vehicle wraps where you want to keep the messaging simple and to the point. This graphic design is more consistent than paint while protecting your vehicle and advertising your business.

Vehicle Wraps and Colors

The idea of “best wrap colors” can be a bit misleading. Different colors serve different purposes and evoke different reactions in the customers’ minds. Tow truck wraps trend toward different colors than commercial truck wraps, which are different from most fleet vehicle wraps. 

While the psychology of color in consumer marketing efforts is a topic that can fill entire volumes, these are some guidelines to help get you started. 

Warm Colors

When you want warm colors, like red, orange, yellow, and so on, you speak to energy, excitement, and positivity. Warm colors are used to make a bold statement, including when they’re used as accents to other colors. Reds, in particular, can help paint a professional look when combined with the other color possibilities. 

Cool Colors

By contrast, cooler colors like blue, green, purple, and the like are meant to be more calming, thoughtful, and relaxed. They’re soft and inviting but also project authority, professionalism, and reliability. Perfect for any business that prides itself on a clean and simple public face.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are used to help bring warm and cool colors to life. When it comes to your tow truck wraps, neutral colors are the background and frames of reference in which your color choices will come to life. 

Add Color to Your Vehicle Wraps

We are happy to answer your questions and show you examples of previous successful designs to help you get started. Road Runner Wraps has many other tips and guides for picking out your fleet vehicle wraps, your individual wrap designs, and everything in between. Give us a call and start with a free quote and find out what a truck wrap cost will be, and let’s see if we can help you colorize the brand that is most important to you.